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I’ve been floundering all week, too physically exhausted to do anything with my ideas and plans, not just painting the last bit of ceiling in my loft, but even knitting, doodling or weaving. But I guess it’s ok, once I’m done up there my muscles can recover and my mind will also have freed a few extra gears for new projects. It’s a good thing I didn’t know how long I’d be away from everything or I wouldn’t have started! In other words, I didn’t make very good of my threat to get messy yet.


I’ve been seeing this guy around a lot, very distinct with the white plumage. Quite often on the garden fence pretending to not keep an eye on our feeders for the little guys. I’ve been wondering if I could rig my camera outside and use the remote to get better shots than through the windows.

I did manage to get my latest warp on the loom and everything tied up correctly – that is, I forgot to rewrite it to a walking sequence rather than 96 times left leg alone then 96 times right leg alone. Duh. But I’ll see how it goes before crawling under there and redoing 64 cords.


I have some more ideas on how to mix variegated yarns with this pattern to create a patchwork look, heaven knows if I’ll ever weave them all, but at least my brain is functioning somewhat despite the fog. 😉 That means I should be up and running in no time when I’m finally done with the stoodio.


Ok, perhaps not quite running; got the results of my MRI and I do in fact have a herniated disc. Not large, but pointing in the general direction of my left sciatic nerve, so there. I’m actually relieved, as I feel this is a far better diagnosis than osteoarthritis in my SI joint, which could only have gone downhill. And as it’s been a while since I’ve had as severe pains as the first few months after it occured, my guess is that it’s already in the process of reabsorbtion, I just need to give it time and get back to my proper exercises instead of bending over drywall with a knife and jigsaw every weekend…. SIX MORE PIECES TO GO PLUS WINDOW CASING! WOOT!


Some of my leftovers yarn fabrics, waiting for a photo op to happen. And probably even longer for being turned into something. Like, when I can lift my arms again.

In the meantime, many cups of tea happening on the couch while emptying the library of books on certain topics I want to research to prepare for a few of my new ideas. “Research” mostly meaning looking at the pictures for now. 😉