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I’ve been entertaining thoughts about how to get back in the blog groove. It may happen on its own once my mind is freed from studio building frenzy, or I could set a time every day or so to ramble and see if anything is worth saving in the end, much like sketching with your left hand just to shake things loose.

Really, one weekly post should be doable. (well, of course the experts say that blogging is obsolete, soon to be joined by Twitter, so perhaps I’m flogging a dead horse here) Ha! and I was at one time contemplating a newsletter (just like everyone else), but they’re probably dying too. Don’t worry, I haven’t so far been tempted to make any e-courses! Free downloads of various persuasions have been considered.

Gloomy, chilly to the bone no excuse to skip office work kind of a day.

Gloomy, wet, chilly to the bone, no excuse to skip office work kind of a day. #windowphotography

I’ve just come downstairs after a short stint of staining 1 windowsill (because its predecessor buckled), and completing the casing of another window. My head is filled with furniture placement plans, I just realized that the socket I should be using for my dye pots (because it has its own fuse) is on the side of the room where I want my shelves, not a work table for hotplates. Which I also don’t want under the window. Unless it has wheels (the table that is). I can spend a lot of time pondering such conundrums.


Another thing I’m looking forward to is being able to photograph yardage (among other items) year round with no concern of wind, rain, or other disturbances. The living room floor isn’t long enough and always requires a vaccum and wash first to get rid of muddy paw prints, furniture pushed to the side etc. As well as the lighting being either dark/dark or a mixture of dark below and blindingly sunny above.

So I’m hoping to achieve a full stretch of floor, preferably lined up with the door, so I can open it and use the whole loft as my indoor archery range. Just have to make sure I can keep aforementioned cats out of there while doing so obviously.

(I should perhaps mention that I do wash the floor in any case, but project photos usually happen in the spur of a moment) After a wet and windy 30 second session in the garden, I had to settle for a closeup and wait until it becomes an FO.

Actually, come to think of it, it may look much cooler draped from the rafters.


And btw I just realised that one hot plate is 2000 W while one fuse will power just under 3000, so they’ll need a socket each anyway. I’ll even have to make a list to see what else I can keep going at the same time. Kettle (also 2000 Whut!) Light? Spaceheater? Laptop (90W). Now, if I could get permission for a woodstove up there I think I’d make it one with cooking rings on top like the one we had when I lived in Sweden.


See what happened here? Studio blabla studio.

I’m going to do something fun with the door when it’s warm enough to leave it open to dry, so I’ll be looking for an oldfashioned door handle of some sort. What do you think of that? Brushed steel or plastic just doesn’t cut it for a hayloft.


© Roman Milert | Dreamstime.com

Well, seeing as this is my social medium of choice, consider it my weekly Facebook update. 😉

Next time I’ll try to talk of something completely different.