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A little bit of progress since my last images 2 months ago. I was hoping to have made the first storage shelf this weekend, which is why I’d painted one end, but since it turns out that I’m not strong enough to paint a whole room in one session or even a quarter of it, I’m just going to keep doing every bit as the drywall goes up. And then I can get rid of the boardwalk, making it possible to paint the rest of the slanted ceiling without bending my neck out of proportion. Yes, I’m all about thinking in steps at the moment, what’s next, and next…

So I’ll be getting there one wall at a time and then I can have my life back. 😉 I’ve been quite surprised just how much of my creative energy this project has used as well as lasting twice as long as anticipated. I’m usually pretty good at making estimates – but of course I didn’t count on my back being extra wonky either.

hayloftstudio19 hayloftstudio18
hayloftstudio17 hayloftstudio16

In the meantime I’ve wound another warp for the loom, just a simple blanket project that I’d like to get out of my hair and the yarn out of my way. I’ll show you when I manage to weave it.


I’ve also been really on the edge of my seat to begin painting again. So I’ve fetched down a few colours and some of my itty bitty canvasses for some fun. Just in case.