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I’ve contemplated renaming the blog “Trivialities of common life” or some such, because everything has slowed down so much even my thoughts are frozen.

And I’m beginning to realize that I can’t keep postponing all of my projects until I have space to do them unhindered, because that studio thing is going to take forever and ever to be done. So long that I’m beginning to suspect I won’t be needing it anymore, because I’ll have come to a complete creative standstill, my last remnants of intelligence content to ponder the laundry…

Or I can begin to kick start myself again and try to ignore that the kittens destroy everything I touch. 😉 Oh well, it was worth a shot to minimize house cleaning, but I guess I found out the price is boredom. Time to get messy.


There’s a referral to MRI my back sent off, it could be a few months before I get a date around here. ETA: Just got an appointment for Jan 22nd. My GP let me try a different pain med which seems to help some, and I’ve set up a loom with a simple leftovers yarn project which can be woven with the right leg alone. Although I do have a weird pain on the front of my hip there (I think probably iliopsoas bursitis), which has worsened lately, so we’ll see how far I get with that brilliant idea. Anyone care to sponsor me €6000 for a Toika compudobby to put on the Glimåkra? 24 shafts and a sewing machine pedal…

I’ve had an urge to paint for a while, but my corner up in the loft keeps getting too cluttered, currently from junk after the electrician drilled holes and left bits of wiring all over the room. Tools spreading out of their designated zones even when we’re not working up there, I swear! So I really should look into tapestry again or doodling and sketching, but I keep thinking paint splattering, not lines, so not completely motivated. Actually my paints are quite possibly frozen since I already moved them to the loft. Do you think a styrofoam box would help, or do I need to turn the heater on more often? (currently 3 hours at night on a timer)

Spinning is out until the girls grow up, but I’ve found a cover for the tapestry loom so they can’t climb it to kill those tempting bobbins. Not sure what will happen when I’m actually using it, perhaps I should design a tent instead for me to sit inside. Oh, hey, I could make a cover for my new easel as well and b****r the chalk dust up there.

There truly is something to the (well known in cat circles) expression “Naughty Tortie”. Look like angels, behave like Dennis the Menace.


The exact moment to fire up the spinning wheel

There is of course the photoshopping I was threatening to do, but I wasn’t allowed focus over the holidays, so that is another engine I need to reboot now. In other words, it’s taking me a long time to adapt to my limitations, I still just want to be functional all the time. It’s interesting, because in other areas I’m flexible, adaptable to change and like to try new things. I even admit when I’m wrong! 😉 Question is of course, whether I’d actually be happier if I resigned.


Adding to the entertainment I thought it was time to learn about tablet weaving, so I warped up my RH loom a few days ago. Could have used a more contrasty yarn, but it was what I had in a type that’s good to work with. I also imagined the band would be twice as wide, but I guess I’m allowed a few beginner mistakes. I think it would be cool to have companion bands to some of the fabrics I dream of weaving, for trims, bag handles, whatever. Bracelets?

And then I hide it in the bathroom when I’m not weaving.


Because knitting just doesn’t keep my brain occupied enough even though the sensible thing to do would have been to just finish those wips. It was such a terrific idea to pick dark splitty yarns for evening tv watching. (Still working our way through House with occasional breaks for Vicar of Dibley). Schedule a compulsory half hour a day perhaps?


Very thick alpaca cardigan which I would have loved to wear in this weather.

The day is now 19 minutes longer!!! It’ll be summer before we know it.