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Yet another leftovers / thrift shop / “usewhatyouhave” project. Or several actually. I’m winding colours separately for blending in the reed. Let’s hope I still feel like doing this, when my looms are empty some day in the future! There’s leftovers, handspun, some green from a frogged dress of my mum’s, single skeins of whatever.


With such busy warps I’m looking at simple weave structures such as tabby, straight twill or basket, but haven’t decided which, yet. Sett depends on whether I want to full or not, I’ll take it as I go. Some sort of plaid or tartan pattern is bound to happen, all on its own I suspect. Aiming for one mostly “blonde” project and another dark one.


I can sit down and do this, so every now and again I grab a skein and have at it. When the kittens are asleep.

Say, I'll trade you my leopard for one of them green ones?

Say, I’ll trade you my leopard for one of them green ones?

I’ve forgotten to count how many threads are in each chain, because that would just be too easy. Better to begin sleying and find out you’re missing 100 to reach your width…. If against all likelyhood I have too many, well, they can go in the next leftovers project. Or a crochet blanket. Something.


Speaking of thrift shop, our one local Red Cross boutique rarely has yarn, I think the little old ladies come by regularly and scoop it all up. But sometimes I’m lucky such as this “brown” laceweight wool, strong enough for warp by the feel of it. 500 g for 20 kr./$4/€2.7/£2. Close up it’s heathered in green, purple and single fibers in various other colours, and I just love a heathered yarn.