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Long time no see – but we’re finally getting somewhere compared to my last update. Sept. 12th the last windows went up, in between rains. In the meantime I’ve been slowly putting up insulation, plastic, boards and lately some of the drywall. This room is going to shine compared to the darkness of before! (and those photos were done on a sunny day + optimized for clear viewing)

I did imagine it would all be finished by now, and no such luck. But eventually. I may even have a bit of a housewarming party… That is, if I can climb the ladder! Some days that’s all it takes to set off a storm of pain, so I can do only small tasks alone, and of course it’s dark now by the time other people are home from their jobs.

Right now I’m just pleased the big saw and lumber piles are gone, next is waiting to get electric sockets put in. Need plasterboard in a couple more locations first. Well, all over of course, then a coat of paint, and some shelves would be nice. Many shelves in fact.. Would be nice to land a little 30K job somehow (DKkr) to eat up my wish list.

(I’m longing to tidy up the mess of tools, but alas, I have trouble bending over to do such things. So I save it for the actual building tasks such as cutting drywall. 10 pcs. with difficult cutouts ahead, the rest are fairly simple apart from getting some hoisted up to the top. But that’s what little brothers are for, right?)