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It’s true that the more focus and effort you put into a topic, the more your thoughts and ideas run along those lines. I’ve now been away from both weaving and blogging for so long that I don’t really have any sparks of inspiration, I stop reading Ravelry, craft books and sites. The less I write here, the fewer topics seem interesting to share with you. I wonder how long it takes to stop caring altogether?

This is not so called “incubation” or any kind of block. I’m fairly certain that if I started doing something, it would flow and grow. So I’ve been wondering if this is how “ordinary” people live? By that I mean those who seem quite happy to never create, never have hobbies. Eat, sleep, clean, socialize, job, tv (OMG I’m watching House on Netflix lately more evenings than I’ll admit). I usually get really really cranky if I my hands aren’t making things on a regular basis, so this is rather puzzling. It seems you can indeed condition your brain to shut down certain modes.


I have a few things I wanted to work with on the computer while resting my back in between building, but then the other day my 20 y.o. office chair decided to run out of gas – I lowered the seat to test something and now it won’t go all the way back up. So I can either lean back, feet up, keyboard in my lap, or put a box under it and stand to type. Other solutions of the more hazardous variety have been tried out too.


What mostly happens when I need to rest my feet is that one cat after the other drop by to sit on me, it’s very cosy down here on the floor… 😀 So I get to write about one sentence on average. Oooph – The boys need to lose weight. The kittens for some reason need to sit on my chest, right up against my face, but at least I can still breathe somewhat freely even if I can’t see beep. And it doesn’t matter, because this sitting position sucks anyway. (But before I get noisy about having extra pains this week I ought perhaps to remember that I haven’t been taking any pills for it… I have this obscure idea that I must go cold turkey just once in a blue moon.)

The rest of my office is filled with piles of junk, but most of it really just needs a stoodio to live in, so I’m in a bit of a tie at the moment. For instance I should just reserve the top shelves for kittens, because everything else ends up on the floor time and again. So no, I’m not spending my wait time decluttering a whole lot right now, I just pray for storage to happen.


It may seem idiotic to postpone all big and messy activities such as painting (no water jars on the table you moron), dyeing and perhaps even sewing (yes, we can climb this machine) for when I have a kitten and people free room. I’m suffering from clutter overwhelm, and since A. I live with someone who doesn’t notice and B. my craft stuff is stored in every room of the house, it’s futile to organize everything else until my things are out of the equation. If I’m not doing anything, I’m not making a mess which has to be cleaned up.

So what’s next? Apart from getting a new chair asap.

I’ve been collecting egg shells to use for texture in paintings. Any other brilliant surface ideas?


I also bought some thick sock yarn for slipper socks, just to try it out. I don’t have any patience for regular sock knitting in fingering yarn, but 20->36 stitches in the round I can do. Also don’t have any patience with patterns for some reason, so I scrunched up my brain with the very faint memory of learning short row heels 30 odd years ago and came up with a method that works. I need something for that cold studio, assuming it’ll be done before spring. Actually I have a little tweak planned up there, but more about that next week. And Tina showed off some very chunky slippers from Drops, need to try those too!


And that, my friends, is why I seem to have dropped out of cyberspace.

All photos curtesy of my phone today, because I’m that lazy and it’s too dark to matter anyway.