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Half a hayloft. Slow going, but it’s this, NOW, or I go nuts. I really need to be able to choose my quiet times to be able to work, not wait for it to be granted.

Clearing, cleaning, more cleaning, lots of cleaning, then starting with those candy cane bales of insulation that you can spot in the back.



Because this just isn’t working for me on so many levels.


Or this


As usual I’m struggling with my inner pace vs. outer, such as a pinched sciatic nerve or whatever it is that happens with my SI once in a while, lately going on 6 weeks and I can barely walk my left leg by now. Trying to feel compassionate about it rather than angry or “brave” = pushy. I want so much to be doing instead of being, which often feels synonymous to “sitting on my bum wasting time”.

And I want so badly to get to the point where I can clean that loft and go buy building supplies! But I’m not going to break the bank until I know for certain that it will be happening. I’ll be taking my rest too, I promise. Not much of a choice, really. Slow going. Possibly this is my body making sure I don’t exhaust myself. 😉

Normally I’d be so annoyed(-ing) and driven, but this time I’m trying for a lesson in tenderness. (resisting temptation to insert sarcastic, humorous comment here)

Planning for an area of 5×7 meters. The floor will be done last, so I won’t be moving the looms until I know how well the roof insulation works. And proper windows! But a dust free storage area / tool garage with no limitations as paint splatter goes will be a big improvement in itself.