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It’s a bone-cold, lazy (ie exhausted) indoorsy type of week with no social duties whatsoever, yay. I’m knitting a hat from an old handspun skein for no particular reason, G is finally updating my webserver and in return I’m rebuilding the website for his gun club.

It’s always fun to see how a handspun or handdyed yarn knits up, sometimes they need crochet or weaving to show off, other times they really seem to be their prettiest as a skein. I had some which were too small for the pattern, but if I like the fit, they may become headbands for my delicate ears.

I began writing a typical “status of the year” report, slept on it and decided I really couldn’t be bothered and had no profound learning experiences to impart.

I make no resolutions once a year, I just have general guidelines of where I hope to be going. And I probably say this every new year, but right now I’m too lazy to read back and verify that, so please bear with me.

A topic which also keeps resurfacing is “what should I work with when I grow up”. The obvious answer at the top of my list has always been “live in the country, work from home making art and/or writing”. All well and good, but I never managed to make it my JOB. So the real question remains: “how do I make money to support myself” now that I can’t go back in time to any of the things I did before.

I was thinking (again) about getting “Strengthsfinder 2.0”, has anyone done that and is it even still a “thing”? I got the idea from watching a tv show and pondering the question of how they find new jobs for people in witness protection programs. Like, do you get to do the same thing as before (difficult to keep hidden if you’re a rocket scientist perhaps), or do they simply say “You are now a hairdresser” and leave you alone to deal with the fact that you don’t know the right end of a pair of scissors and hate making smalltalk? I can think of situations where death by gangster might be preferable!

So maybe I could make a list of subjects that I know something about and various qualities that I have, compare to a list of what I do not want to know or like and see if there are any hidden professions in there, instead of starting with the job titles. Counting aside the fact that I dislike fixed employment…

For instance, I would make a lousy teacher despite knowing about a million different things. I rarely take classes when I want to learn something because the pace is too slow and the curriculum too fixed. So I have no idea how a class is generally constructed, and my impatience with “slow” would probably crush some of my students which is highly unfair. (and we’re only talking about adults here)

I think I would have made a kickass researcher, it’s just too bad I wasn’t aware of this option 30 years ago.

See? I keep mulling over the same things year after year; when it comes to life itself I’m apparently not such a quick study. “Crossing ‘Life Coach’ off my job list”.

I did have one goal for 2017 and made it, just barely: lose 10 kg. Not all that impressive according to various peppy training websites, but I’m confident that I can do the same in 2018. 2019: stay put. Repeat.

Just trying to work away on all the things as much as I possibly can, day by day.