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I finished my colourful hat over the holidays, it was a quick and easy knit. Now I wonder if we’ll get any frost so I can try it on without boiling my ears! I normally wear fleece headbands in the cold because it’s easier to fit with long hair; what usually troubles me is wind hurting my inner ear, not so much the temperature, and knit fabric tends not to block the wind. But they are also very boring – so what else to do with all that chunky, funky handspun? (yes, I’m asking!)

The brim was 45 g which is about 1/3 of the entire hat, so a lot less yarn than I anticipated. This means one could get to use up small fun skeins for the brim and perhaps something more subdued for the hat itself. I have a few things which could work. I like the flaps because my ears are placed so that a straight brimmed hat will not cover them properly unless I pull it way down over my eyebrows.

I made a hole for a ponytail, but it’s really placed too high for me, so I’m thinking another hat would either have to be a slouchie for loose hair buns or a narrower brim to place the hole lower. It’s also an interesting challenge to take selfies of the back of your head. I don’t do the frontal version, sorry.

Short hair + hats would not be an option for me since it would compress to look like it’s painted onto my scalp, besides I have no patience for excessive grooming and styling and greasy products. I’m getting to an age where simple pulled back hair makes me look older, but I think it’s too late to turn me into a lady, I’ll just have to head straight for cronehood. (and whoever invented that concept, aging gracefully? Aging dis-gracefully sounds so much more fun)

Another option of course it to let it come out the top, what do you think? A bit too silly somehow?

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