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Just thought I’d let you in on how I was doing with my self torture project of becoming slightly fitter: I’m still at it, I’m pleased to say. I can do brisk 1 hour walks most days of the week now, and without my hips or knees crying halfway through, pulse down from 150 to 130; or 20 min on the crosstrainer at level 5 (started out at 2-3, 10 minutes). Physical antics leave me pretty exhausted most days, and sweaty as a galley slave. Sometimes I simply do short bursts at a very high setting for 5 minutes, then collapse on the floor panting, but not as dripping wet.

It’s definitely had an effect on the amount of time I spend in the studio, which I’m NOT happy about: it seems I can’t do both.

I managed to dodge too much xmas food and cookies for the most part, so that was another win. I fast* twice a week, which usually comes very easily; I could do three if it wasn’t more complicated to negotiate. I often have more energy on those days in fact, which to me proves that we basically eat too much overall even when we’re not gluttons. You spend all of your resources constantly digesting!

And let’s be honest, most of our appetite is generated by the imagination…

My weight and measurements haven’t improved very much, but I’m hoping for at least some health benefits. I always had low blood sugar, cholesterol etc. but the way I look now there has to be some visceral fat going on (unless we know of any alien species that are 3+ years pregnant?), and then there’s the joint pains which surely won’t get better if I remain seated. Those have improved too, but not the sore, tired muscles, yet.

As for the strong training headaches I mentioned, they were likely caused by betablockers keeping my pulse too low during motion and instead increasing the pressure to get enough blood flow for oxygen to the muscles. I decided to try half the dosage to give me a more natural span, even if it meant my resting pulse went up to 95. I was hoping that conditioning would help lower it instead of medication, and it has. In fact I’ve just now skipped the meds entirely and sit here writing at you with a normal (for me) pulse of 80 instead of the 100+ it was when I started on betablockers (stress related). High pulse is a strain on the heart, but so is having to pump with more force, so I could basically choose between not moving much or take less. Forces me to become better at stress management… (and yes, it eliminated the instant migraines – I was seriously worried for a while I’d have an aneurysm!)

I’m not really enjoying any of this however, so I try to look at the sporting side of it, the challenge, but would like some visible results to keep going long term. It’s working splendidly on G however, so each month I look forward to recording his new, smaller results and try to ignore my own.


* Fast days: 400 kalories, other days ~1500 kalories. Amazing that I only drop about 1 kg a month, isn’t it? Ok, so I have cake on weekends, but really?! I’m guesstimating a 35-40% reduction!

P.S. I’m totally on the move planning a gazillion weave drafts. Just hang in there.