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waffle045 shaft / 6 treadle pattern
60 x 90 cm on loom + hems
55 x 82 cm off loom
40 x 60 cm hot washed and tumbled

All the old stained hand towels are moving to the loft or garage, then I’ll see if I need to make more new ones.

I knew I was probably making a mistake on the hems, making them flare too much, but didn’t have enough treadles to make a sensible pattern and didn’t want to change the tie up between each towel.

As for my threading mistake, the result on the one woven with the mistake and the two others where I removed 4 threads getting a more open spacing in that spot was that the first one WITH the extra threads has the least visible error, so I should have kept it that way.

I also learned that I don’t really enjoy the colour effect of one warp and one weft, but I needed to see it, since you can’t predict the washed look on the computer. So all in all a lot of valuable lessons from my first waffle weave!


Note to self: towel hems at least 6-8 cm om loom, not 4.