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45 people viewed the post, “only” 13 voted. I’m not impressed, people, get in the game! It’s just a little mouse click – I expect much better turnout next time. 😉 And now it’s too late obviously, you know me, either I move fast or not at all.

I had another think and decided to change course and not listen to any of you (us), since the votes were so close anyway. Many thanks to those of you who played.

Here you go:

What I (roughly) planned (well, actually more something along the lines of my old sweater, if you remember that)

What I got
fugly4 fugly5

There was a bit of an accident with too much red in the orange. And while the purple looked very bluish purple in the bath, pink is what happened after it was rinsed and dry. These dyes are so hard to control and predict compared to acid dye, more so as they appear grey in the jar and only take on their colour when you pour water on. And then they change again when you add soda, or when the yarn has been in the pot for a little while. And then afterwards you get to rinse at least half of it out again. Which is why they are still too red, because I’m so done sloshing water. And out of dry socks because I work on the floor with buckets.

Well, I can now add cotton dyeing to my “resume” at least. I even got a t-shirt. (From the purple exhaust bath.)

My plan has all along been to use a thinner warp and the chenille as weft only, to get a sort of relief effect perhaps. My current warp is white, so technically I could dye that too… bwaahahaha. Anyway, nobody said all the colours had to be used together. Or at all as it were. Right now I have to check if I can convert my 12 shaft draft into a 6 shaft, so I can fold it double, because no way my neck will survive weaving full width blankets with a stick shuttle. I already have a headache and nausea again from whatever it is I did 3 days ago.