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I came upon 4 cones of chenille some time ago and the colour just never made me happy. I simply wanted to know if anything interesting could be made with this type of yarn. Anyway, I decided to get some fiber reactive dyes and see if I could change my aversion.

Two cones are overdyed, one undyed (see below). Now I have to decide what I’d like to do with the last one, and this is where I need your help.

The yarn is not very absorbent at a touch, so my initial idea of bath towels is OUT. Someone said it’s because the “hairs” are on end instead of lying flat like a normal yarn, and apparently water gets absorbed from the sides of the fibers.

Next on the agenda could be bath mats (because who needs those to be soaking wet) and snuggly blankets. Any other suggestions for that are also welcome, but preferably woven projects.

I have several plant dye posts in the making for you as well, so look out.

fugly2 fugly3

Yes, one cone does indeed wind out to 3 skeins.