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I’d almost forgotten, that it’s a thing that I do. In all the weaving frenzy, wips have been sitting hidden and alone in various baskets, no longer interesting. Until I realised, that if we do get summer (which is not a given in years when I have new shorts and skirts) I can’t bring my looms outside. And it’s such a shame to sit inside when you have a garden, isn’t it?

So I’ve taken a look at my knittings and wonder if I can remember how I wanted to proceed. Because obviously I’m not using any kind of pattern, right? Nono, I make it up as I go along, that much is constant with me… The biggest question being, how much did I grow since I started these projects?!


Mimi has finally had a weight upgrade so that we can share my wardrobe as intended. Wide as a barn door but very spiffy and summery, don’t you think? With a repurposed dress turned skirt, helping me sew a handwoven shirt in the background. More on that later.


Another summer garden activity, apart from pulling weeds, is of course reading. I forget to take my breaks for just resting during the day unless I’m feeling actually sick, leaving me exhausted sooner than I prefer, so I’m going to make an effort to read a bit again.


So to remind myself, I’ll hop on the bandwagon of showing your Wednesday wips and books, originating with Ginny I think. And YES we have summer now, for a while. Plenty of it in fact. Which is perfect, I have a pony lame on three legs and my back is thrown completely, just in time for hedge trimming season. So you’ll find me in my outdoors office doing slow living stuff.