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I needed one like birds need boots, you say?

Well, it’s something I’ve thought about for years, long before my health crashed, long before weaving. 40 years if you count my playtime in the woods, but seriously contemplating it for quite some time.

I think I’ve even mentioned NOT doing it in this blog, yes, here.

AND I’m fed up with the regular exercises from the PT, AND I feel like I should get it off my bucket list now, not when I’m 65 years downhill with unknown issues. Since I’ve already been made plenty aware that such exists.

So there. I’ve embarked on my new carreer path as Roberta Hood. I’m starting out lightly with a budget 20 pound longbow model (that’s the draw weight, not the actual bow), testing if my muscles improve to the next weight or not. I’d really like something like this, a 48″ “horsebow”: *

Supposedly the recurve type above kicks your hand less, which I think will be good for me. I think I can work my way up to 30, which is still very light.

Time will tell if I can afford and be able to shoot more powerful bows, but for now I have to stick with the toys.

I’ve decided I don’t want to find a club and rent my first bows, because besides the chitchat being in the way of wanting to use the shooting as “meditation and focus”, my muscle fatigue probably won’t let me practice more than 10 minutes. So if I want to get anything out of it, I have to do it every day. Besides, I don’t really like those modern steampunk versions of bows! Archery for me has a beauty which requires beautiful tools to be complete. Simplicity. Silence.

Anyway, short bow for a short girl is (maybe, see below) on the wishlist, and also in case I do end up with another horsie. Keeping all options open.

In the meantime, not so short (well, actually now that I see the photo, I’m thinking this 30# not very big at all, and the 25# is much shorter):

Bad form when thinking about camera settings! And yeah, I thought the hoodie might be funny, but nah... First round of target practice with a 30# bow - and a too sore neck as a result.

I don’t expect this to become a regular topic on the blog, but then you never know. I may at least mention it again, once or twice. Right now I’m completely overwhelmed with the technical data of choosing the right arrows (and of course the ready made types are geared for sports/hunting and the average sized adult, unless they’re straws with a rubber sucker for a tip). I thought I could just go out and shoot and be all zen-like, not have to study a whole new craft… Very scientific, who would have thought?

In allowing myself to go ahead with this, I’m also doing a bit of “belief purging”. Telling everybody about it is yet another step towards that end. And well, my brain does tend to go all sparkly and happy when I learn new things, so that’s 3 in 1!

What “silly” things do you have on your bucket list, and when is the right time to do it? (as in: “This is awesome! I want a cloak and leather boots to go with it!” LOL – not really, but I think you get the notion)

* Ok, between starting this post last week and actually shooting a bit over the weekend, my wishlist now includes an even longer 62″ bow! It just never ends with the expensive hobbies it seems… For now the 2nd warp beam and my tooth are on the backburner.