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Uglemor sent me this link earlier, which “analyzes” your blog (first page?). Now, it may be a totally random result that hasn’t even read your page, but it was still fun. The results vary depending on which blog post you get it to “analyze”, but I was surprised each time. Or not, really! I knew I was a doer, I just didn’t think that was an extrovert quality only.

I was scored nearly opposite of what I normally do (INTP). My blog persona apparently is ESFP or ESTP! Whether bogus or not, it still got me thinking about (yes, everybody accuses me of over-thinking, it’s how I solve everything) how we present ourselves online. I do not think (feel?) I’m a fake when I write here, but perhaps the keyword is “write”?

After all, some of my favourite personality books, which I just keep nodding all the way through, are:

quiet loner

It also made me wonder whether one can be an extrovert loner. I do enjoy (select) company when I’m in it, and I definitely don’t try to blend with the wallpaper, but I need to recharge my batteries forever afterwards. And I never seem to get hungry for it, I can just potter about alone for weeks if I’m allowed. I simply do not notice that something ought to be missing. But writing to people, now, that’s the best of both worlds, I get to socialize without the crowd! I worry that people might think I dislike them, or that I’m not interested, but that’s not how it works. I genuinely care that you exist out there, I just don’t wanna have lunch…

Do you show sides of yourself on your blog that you don’t nourish so much in real life? I’m not talking about putting up a mask, I don’t think anybody in “my community”, as WP calls it, are wearing masks. I know I deliberately use it to practice a degree of extrovertness that you don’t see in person, or more expressive rather. I think most people perceive me as guarded IRL, it doesn’t feel natural to me to whoop and dance, my feelings all happen on the inside. Not because they’re secret, I mean, I’m telling you all this and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. But looking at me you might think I was cold and aloof. (what’s the opposite of expressive anyway? Impressive? ROFLMAO)

I think it’s rather interesting, the different intelligences some say we have, whether we should develop the weak ones or the strong ones (All be middle of the way in everything or specialize and be awesome? Whole and well-rounded or limited and narrowminded?)

So whether or not these internet “tests” are serious or not, I like to play with the ideas from time to time. What it mostly proves to me is that like a horoscope, you can always find something to relate to in every answer, no matter which one you happen to get! And I think everyone automatically becomes more extrovert when blogging – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it?

Click here to read the results that I got from this test. For my own amusement I’ve coloured in the bits that I think are correct. Even if I still identify just as much with every INTP description I’ve ever read, too! But not on this blog, apparently. I couldn’t find a single random page that would match. (so that I could compare the descriptions. Somebody happen to have an INTP blog and would like to show me the result?)

Perhaps I simply don’t know myself half as well as I think I do. (count the number of times I used the word “think” in this post. I “think” the T is a given…)

Thanks, Sarah, for pointing to this illustration...

Thanks, Sarah, for pointing to this illustration…