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Well, guess who crashed this week. My ride in the beautiful sunny spring weather last Sunday just left me with sore legs, but when I made another attempt 3 days later I could hardly lift the saddle off its peg. My muscles had turned into rubber, and I’m still quite exhausted all the while various stress symptoms are racing through my body. What’s up with that?! Doesn’t give me much hope of getting back into some sort of shape nor my clothes; not sure what my strategy should be.

I’ve been doing very quiet yarn playing so I wouldn’t go nuts, sorting yarn samples in different combinations and making cards to remember, planning a collection of summer fabrics. Looking at drafts, sketching a bit. Trying to not get too ambitious, I’m sure once I’ve done a few, or more, my next collection will be so much nicer than the first. Keep reminding myself I don’t have to get it perfect, I’m a beginner, not a master weaver.

To practice that last notion, I took the small remnants of 16/2 cotton that came with the Glimåkra loom and randomly made a warp for pillowcases, to be woven in the same manner, just emptying the quills one by one. Three firsts: Thin cotton, double layer cloth (I’m weaving it as a tube), and a draft which invited a walking treadle sequence rather than a straight. Very simple and mindless, just keep the treadle sequence, stop before I get tired again.

And that’s all folks!