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It all started out as an experiment in various painting techniques, using some old precut fiber boards lying around. Then, as we have awesome power tools, I thought I’d try making my own frames again, just to explore the option for oddly sized images.

Unfortunately I ran out of spray paint halfway through (backside up here), which is not surprising once you realize how much is wasted on the surroundings. It will now be at least a week before I can finish and get my floor back… I’ll put them aside of course, but I can’t pop the paintings in, photograph them and really, really put them away, out of the way to make space for new ones. And the smell prevents me from using the room while each layer dries, so I try to do it as the last thing every evening.

I like the finish of spray paint rather than brushing it on, but the cost is a bit much when each can doesn’t last longer. Painting outside is also not an option btw unless you want to make pollen, cat paws, slug trails and other nature things a permanent feature of your surface.