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shaggy ponies losing their coats while still needing them.

shaggy ponies losing their coats while still needing them.

I’m having a bit of a hard time dislodging myself from the woodstove recently. Unless it’s a really sunny quiet day the windows don’t let in enough warmth yet, and if I’m not moving around a lot I’m like a lizard, sluggish unless heated from the outside.

I never even got my seeds going in the window, I believe I said so last month too and now it’s probably really, really too late. I guess I’ll experiment with direct sowing. Like, on a day that’s slightly warmer than today! Saturday was fabulous, sunny, quiet, (and cold) but alas I was not home, I was spending long hours in a car and on a tiny ferry. For which the weather was also absolutely perfect; horrible, horrible benches but I now have my first tan of the year. I get sea sick easily, so truly an amazing day for a trip to pick up G’s “new” tractor. I’d even remembered my sunglasses. 😎


Even though I now have my own studio, I still find it difficult to combine my social brain with my creative brain, it’s definitely like two distinct rooms, a locked door between them, and the key goes missing every single time I need to pass. (that’s just a general key thing, right?)

I’ve been wondering if this is “normal”. I know it’s a common problem for all who work from home, that everybody else thinks they’re available at all hours since there’s no visible boss to enforce office rules. But do I have an extraordinarily difficult lock on my door? Many speak of carving out small spaces for creativity, 20 minutes here and there, how do you/they turn it on like that? My head is just filled with the noise of the life of the other person, so different from the thoughts I’m thinking when I’m alone.

So I’m going to try some meditation techniques to get me back into myself faster, which brings me round to April again, brrr, that concrete floor up there is a UTI waiting to happen! I have a feeling that global warming will end up something like the same, medium bland grey chill all year long, no more snow but also no more hot summer days. Perhaps there’s going to be a booming market for umbrella makers, what do you say, anyone want in?

🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼 🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼 🌺 🌻 🌹 🌷 🌼

For today’s “get back into gear” method I’ve made up a strict list to complete once I’m on my own again in the afternoon, not free form creativity but on the road to:

  • Take woven band off the loom, wash and press. ✅
  • Finish organising my shelves of painting supplies.
  • Put up a couple of cork boards for notes & ideas.
  • Get back to sewing a tunic of my handwoven.

Next thing I need to learn apart from returning to myself, is leaving. Or rather, cutting it closer. If I know somebody is coming over, even if I may have hours, I don’t enter my room while I wait because I know I’ll be cranky when I have to leave. I’ve tried to talk to myself about the irrationality of this, but I haven’t been listening.

Now I’ll be interested to hear, do you have a door between your outside and inside personas? A mere curtain? No walls even? If you’re an extrovert I suppose I can guess the answer, mingling IS your life and energy and you may not have a clue what I’m talking about. I wonder if I could even understand what that feels like. And I’m wondering why, with the awareness I have of the situation, I can’t seem to shift it just slightly.


Still not organised, but now it’s time for my walk.