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Step into my office of the last week or so:


Sorry about the harsh phone photos. Lazybutt here not up for artistic photography today. The more alert readers will note that I didn’t even attempt to hide the corner where several generations of cats have mauled the wallpaper, despite a nice sisal mat on the wall only 2 meters away.

I’m finally done cutting, burning and attaching all cords for 8 shafts, leaving the last two for a need-to session. That’s close to 300 pieces of string that had to be measured out correctly, most of which was guesswork. And of course the 1200 heddles to be divided by 8. We’ll see if I got it right when a warp is on and I begin to push pedals.

I think I pulled a muscle fibre in my calf during the process, so don’t tell me weaving isn’t an extreme sport! 😉

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