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I’ve decided to make a Page listing items that I’m on the lookout for, no hurry, just nice to have kind of items. Will be listing it in the menu but thought I’d advertise it a bit too! It’ll be my own little fleamarket, not new things that are on my wishlist but out of print books, 2nd hand supplies etc.

You can respond in comments or send a private message if you’ve got what I’m looking for, and I’d be completely ok with links to your own wishlist too, or suggestions for a swap of some kind. 🙂

If you’d like to pass on my page somewhere that would be lovely too, or if you have suggestions about generally widening this type of network somehow.

First on the list, back issues of the Swedish magazine Väv. I got the first 4 years’ issues with the latest Glimåkra loom and there are a lot of valuable lessons in there, it’s not just a bunch of outdated designs like you’d get in a vintage knitting mag.


I’ll be adding things along the way and date the document, later perhaps I’ll put up another page with items I’m willing to part with. (or on the same page when the lists aren’t very long)

What do you think of this as an addition to looking in the usual places, should I add some nifty keywords for search engines?