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As my life speed has slowed down to a crawl, I do try to keep up the creative spirit in little fits and starts.


I’ve been working on another sweater in the same yarns as the previous one, this time top down and longer. As well as a bit wider because I thought I’d made the first one just about 8-10 stitches too narrow in the hip (which turned out, the next time I tried it on, to fit just fine). But that’s ok, then I can really bundle up with layers underneath without becoming claustrophobic. I have this thing about clothing being too tight, both visually and the feel of it.

Just one sleeve to go, which doesn’t take long at all – that is, if you keep knitting! The design was, again, determined by the amount of yarn and colours I had available. I didn’t spin or dye myself, but the colours might as well have been. Top priority was having lots of warm things to wear the coming season and not, like usual, finishing them off when the season is over. (the white thread is a lifeline to be removed on completion)

Next on the menu is altering a few items, which is not as much fun as designing new ones, but once done, very gratifying.