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Yes, green.

I didn’t have much luck with my tomatoes this year.

First, since my greenhouse died, I had to plant them outside when it was really a bit too chilly. Since I knew the demolition team would ruin them in the window.

Then we had a heatwave and the plants sported more and more tomatoes but they just never went red. And in fact the big ones looked really weird… I remembered to water, so what was going on?


First I tried to cut off many of the leaves which were really abundant and healthy – to make the plants focus on those fruits rather than boosting their foliage. A few, like 2 a week, of the little ones obligingly turned orange. I’m open to the suggestion that yes, there are also too many tomatoes for such a little plant…


By the time I found out that the brown spots are a sign of calcium deficiency, the cold was returning. So most of my tomatoes are still green (and brown since it takes a while for the calcium to kick in). September Indian Summer? Don’t know if we’ll have one or whether it would help.

So I’ll soon have to decide what I want to do with a bunch of green tomatoes.

I came up with this contraption made from parts of the old greenhouse – yes, I saved all those poles. I figure next time I could also make a plastic cover I guess, but this happened at the same time as my heart “incidents”, so I only got as far as tieing them up.


My insistent photography assistant for the day:


The apple tree is carrying quite a big load too, but it’s far too big for me to trim and it seems to cope alright.


It also reminded me to let the ponies out to graze only an hour too late. They do love their greens. (and apples)