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I’ve been thinking and it’s been suggested a couple of times, about doing the print-on-demand thing for selling images and finally went and tried it on.


Originally I thought I’d only do it for the option of having cards and other printed versions of my paintings, but A I work so slow and B they’re not really good enough, so I’m just playing with photos for now. Of which I have a serious backlog and every time I look I’m incapable of choosing the best ones. So I just pick at a whim and then I’ll have to delete a bunch of crap later I guess.

I would love some feedback, even if it’s only to say you hate everything. I’ve given up on a “style” and a “clean feed”, because let’s face it, I’m not a one trick pony. I also need to see images on the products to determine whether *I* like them or not.

It takes a bit learning how the formats work, especially how my favourite square format is not useful for most of the product shapes! My camera resolution is too low, and oh, did I really crop all my instagram posts before making exposure adjustments?! Facepalm.

I’m planning on ordering a selection myself to test the products, but it seems people are pretty happy with the quality. The way this works is that they show an image on a random product, click on that and you can see all products available with that particular image.

Now that I’ve gotten into it, I’m over my head though. I want to do ALL the things, stickers, dresses, mugs, clocks! And even have a list of products that I’d like to suggest they add to the repertoire, hahaha. Why didn’t I do this in November when there was ample time to hunch over the computer?

I was hoping you’d help me sort out the issue of product overwhelm and tell me what would be your favourite item(s) – not in terms of my designs specifically, not in terms of your personal budget, but if you simply had some money to burn on printed products.

(A poll is supposed to appear below but didn’t:)

I asked about the following groups of items: Clothes, bags, scarves, wall art, notebooks, stickers, mugs, clocks, phone covers, pillowes, other?

I opened an extra instagram profile for product spamming, that way you can still follow the regular feed if you like and not get very many updates about the shop. let’s see how that goes, anyway! Oh the time to be in all the places….


And if you think it’s really, really exciting, but not an IG fan, I’m also contemplating a newsletter which would give you monthly (or less) updates on new stuff I’d like to hand off for a price. Sign up here. Possibly other fun tidbits and polls and specials for subscribers only!