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Since this is my 500th post, and I’ve rounded both 500 subscribers (followers sounds like I’m some sort of guru), 5000 comments, a 50th birthday, and 60,000 views this summer, and the fact that despite uncomfortable interruptions I am indeed sometimes painting again after more than 20 years not, I thought we would have a fun little competition. Or we could celebrate that my ponies have been shedding their summer coats since the end of July, promising a long and cold winter perfect for indoor crafting. Incidentally, today it’s also my mum’s birthday, so let’s celebrate her too.

Rather than living in a storage box, at least one of my mini paintings /studies /sketches could go to a new home. I’ll draw a random winner among everyone who COMMENTS on this post. Tell me which one you’d like to own, and it might be yours! They are 20×20 cm on canvas, unframed but painted around the edges, ready to hang.

The paintings are named for easy identification, I scanned a couple more since my weather report. It’s a motley collection, various things I’ve tried out once or twice to get a feel for my direction or random ideas that just wanted a say in this world. I’ll leave this post up for a few weeks at least to see if anyone bites. Longer if not, LOL. Worldwide shipping and a string included!

The others could be available too of course, after the draw, but then I’d appreciate a small donation towards new art supplies in exchange for a picture.

The logo in the photos is NOT on the actual paintings. Colours may vary depending on your browser and monitor. I also recommend clicking the images to see a properly sharp version.

** Let’s not debate the concept of art or not, just play along with me.  😉 One thing that I am becoming better at, beginning with the time I was learning to spin, is to ignore perfectionism. I don’t care nearly as much about sharing my beginner attempts at most anything, with you and the whole world. It is what it is. You are my audience because I’m such a recluse I can’t bear to invite the whole local village inside for show and tell.


Bare fordi jeg har lyst, for at fejre at jeg endelig er kommet i gang med at male igen efter 25 års pause, og fordi de alligevel bor i en kedelig papkasse når de er færdige, har jeg besluttet at udlodde et af mine minimalerier (20×20 cm akryl på lærred). Du skal blot finde navn eller nummer på det billede du ønsker dig, skrive en kommentar og så udlodder jeg en vinder om et par uger eller hvor lang tid det nu tager at finde deltagere. Del gerne rundt omkring (med mindre du vil være sikker på at vinde). Fri porto og en snor til at hænge billedet i. Vandmærket midt i det hele er kun på fotos.