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You’d think after all that waiting one would be careful to perfect the last leg of the journey, right? Not around here we don’t…


Since I refused to also wait for the “right” idea for my rug, it happened exactly as I half expected: I’ve botched the job from the beginning by playing kindergarten with my wool. Technically it’s fiddly and fuzzy, but I also find myself completely unable to predict what each pick is going to look like with the previous section. Everything is so big compared to thread, I feel like I’d get a better view standing up.

I also refuse to go backwards however, so this rug will simply be a huge, incoherent sampler it seems. I hope it will improve just a little bit by omitting some of the colours.

And I think in the future I’ll prefer a little bit of twist before I begin weaving.


Next up: more white, no purple.