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My woad is growing itself, and it’s becoming a problem actually because I can’t always see the difference between first and second year. Except in this case:


I hope to remember and have the stamina and weather conditions all in one day, to dig up everything this year, so that I know whatever comes next year is good to use. It seems I don’t ever get many non-flowering specimens, so I think perhaps the mild winters allow the seeds to germinate in late autumn, meaning even the seeds from one year become 2nd year plants the next.

So while that isn’t very good for dyeing, it looks like I ought to be in the seed business! I wanted to share a few photos for Uglemor, who wondered if she had them in her garden. A 2nd year stalk, autumn sown yearlings (I could only find two, so what’s the difference between the seeds I throw and the ones they throw?!), and spring seedlings. Snails just looove woad too!

I was awake most of the night with the winds howling, of course thinking about how my greenhouse was doing, even dreaming it had come down when I did sleep. (along with a huge, splintered oak, which I have not previously noticed in my garden 😉 )

The promised high temps later this week have been adjusted way down on the forecast, so I’m not really optimistic about any sort of crop this year at all, unless perhaps I construct some small polytunnels over my boxes. I’ll have to assess the hassle vs. need vs. wish for a light maintenance garden. The weeds of course don’t care how cold it is. Alas, I can’t live on nettles!


For those who thought I do a lot of work in my garden…