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Finally, after placing several orders with Amazon (with extras each time to avoid shipping fee – doesn’t quite work as budget control if you keep doing it and only get the extras), I managed to get a copy of Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora S. Bowley. First printing got sold out in a huff, the second apparently exploded! But now it’s here. I hoped it would have some good exercises to get me past my sudden fear of blank canvases, if not, at least it’s really, really pretty. But it’s turning out to be amazingly accurate in timing as well as content. Cheers to synchronicity!

AND I got me some new to me Terry Pratchett books. There are no bad excuses for reading TP, and that’s a fact. I do try to save them for those days needing extra chocolate.

For relaxation I’ve been working my way through Walden by Henry D. Thoreau (not sure I’ll be able to finish it within library deadlines and everything else going on though) as well as James Redfield’s books of Insights, the latter are easy reads about a “difficult” (to some) subject. Very good introduction to the matter of spiritual evolution I think; ok, a bit shallow and naive as well, and the plot is somewhat over the top. But I’m very much in favour of saying things simply, instead of obscuring the facts with lots of words to appear clever and make your book fatter (That doesn’t apply to TP of course, the fatter his books, the better. Or just more of them). I’m also reading Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, a birthday present from my dad who likes things complicated and sounding like a science report.

I mean, you can say:

“The phenomenological universe is the expression of the interaction of the endless attractor patterns of varying strengths. The unending complexities of life are the reflections of the endless reverberations of the augmentations and diminutions of these fields, compounded by their harmonics and other interactions.”


“The universe is energy, all energies interact, and the result is life as we see it.”