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It’s taken me a long time to write this post, simply because the project never seemed to be quite done. It still isn’t – but now it’s on hold until I make it round to that end of the circle.

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Summer briefing


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While I’m cooking up that promised weaving post, I’m going to drag you through a bit of a general status update of life at the cottage.

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Loosen up your painting style


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New class by Tara Leaver – check it out if you want to get more playful with your art.

I’ve participated in another of her courses and keep returning for inspiration, as you have unlimited access once you buy it. The Charcoal class is on my list too! Well, right now I’m just waffling through life, but eventually I hope/expect to find a way back to myself and the studio.

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How To Go Viral


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A very timely post on many levels, one of them being how I’m not really posting here at the moment.

I have been instagramming a bit, so you could always scoot over there to have a look, you can view and comment even on a PC.

Anyway, I recommend Sarah’s list on how to “go viral” (it may not be what you think it is). This was my favourite of her suggestions and wise words:

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Eco-fashion’s Inconvenient Truth – About ethical clothing and sustainability


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When you put on a vegan jacket made of viscose or recycled plastic, are you sure you’re helping the planet more than if you bought one made of leather?

Source: Eco-fashion’s Inconvenient Truth – About ethical clothing and sustainability

WIP Wednesday 2


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If you’re watching this is some blog reader – please click through to the original post to see images etc! 🙂

Pia paints

Another series of cutouts from a recent project, which came about as I was listening to a couple of forgotten Mike Oldfield albums.

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Last time I spoke to you at 8 am, it was dark as a witches’ cauldron. Now this:

Just in from my morning walk and met up with the little band of deer that spend a lot of time in my big horse paddock.

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