This is a list of items that I’m looking to find at preferably bargain prices or swapping. Donations will be accepted as well, I’ll pay the postage! 😉

I’m also looking for a job. About 8-10 hours a week. Minimum wage 150 DKkr. an hour.

Last updated July 12th 2016

Søges! (ikke til salg):

 Väv Magasinet

1986-2008 – Swedish or English, single issues or whole batches. Scandinavia (Europe) only for postage reasons. I have no idea how much I’d like to pay – make me an offer! Søger gamle udgaver af Vævemagasinet, enkelte numre eller hele årgange. Söker Vävmagasinet 1986-2008.


Books – bøger – böcker

Doppelgewebe in der Handweberei : ein Lehrbuch für doppel- und mehrschichtige Gewebe / Ursina Arn-Grischott (English version would be very welcome)

“Väv gamla och glömda tekniker”. Mariana Eriksson, Ulla Getzmann, Gunnel Gustavsson, Kerstin Lovallius

Donations welcome!

I like to use leftovers or recycled yarn and fabric. I regularly visit my local thrift store for yarn bargains and add single threads to projects of commercial yarn or just warp up a whole pile of random bits to see what happens.

I also collect buttons. Old, new, strange, funny, large, small. I’d like to be able to make something with them, which requires a large variety to choose from.

So if you don’t know what to do with granny’s needle box contents or you’re throwing away clothes with buttons, think of me! I’m also up for a swap if you think I have something you’d like.








brugtmarked, diverse søges, genbrug


Let me know what you think, how you feel, talk to me!

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