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When I have too much paper pulp and no time to start new figurines, I make vessels. The pulp gets smelly and gathers mould after a while, even in the fridge.

I have a thing for bowls and round things in general. I don’t own a lot of bowls, because I also believe in household simplicity. But I like making and sharing them all the same. I imagine channelling my inner neolithic woman as I work!

I began with the good old balloon method, covering plastic bottles, using lids or whatever as a base: “garbage to treasure”. Lately I’ve turned to making “innards” from old shipping boxes instead and cover them in pulp, or, as I plan to next time round: whatever comes to mind. Something with cloth or string?

What do you think? I thought I could use them to practise my decorating skills too, modelling, drawing, various paint and brush types. Who knows, perhaps something interesting and unique will emerge one day. Ideas abound faster than I can possibly create.

I’ll get more into depth about various options for making vessels, materials, pulp recipe etc. at a later date; as I mentioned I’m gathering photographic evidence first and getting my thoughts better organized in writing so that my promise doesn’t peter out halfway through.

Do you think the local thriftstore will ban me if I deliver a batch every time I’m done with them?!