December was mostly about personal stuff for me and no new creations. So I’ll wrap up January with one last flashback post to reintroduce myself, getting us all up to speed and hopefully by now I’m working behind the scenes to bring you interesting new stuff along the way. I think that posting things after the fact rather than during, will help me be more consistent in both making and writing.

In my first post on this, meant to be a series that got buried under the doing, not writing, merely told you that I’d embarked on this new topic after doing an online class. And then I did a recap with photos about a year ago but again didn’t follow up…

Well, I’m still tinkering, but it’s actually quite time consuming as there are layers that need to dry before you can proceed, otherwise it turns into a slimy mess. Perhaps a good thing or I’d have to build a new barn to house all the creations that live in my head.

Gallery of 2021 characters since my last papermache post:

Next I’d like to make more animals, and I want to explore outdoors sculptures, because let’s face it, I would like to send some of my creations out into the world and many people don’t have the space inside if it’s not on a wall. I’m trying to think of ways to bring back the textiles though, as I did with the weaving crones.

Eventually I’d like to show you more of how I work, but I’ve not been very good at remembering photography (not very easy to arrange mid-session if your hands are covered in paste). I’ll try to plan better, because sharing used to be the whole point of this blog. So I’m writing a series of mini tutorials about paper sculpture making, possibly some other things I’ve dabbled in too. I hope you’re willing to embark on that journey with me!

I mostly use wireframes, recycled paper and wheat paste, but there are no rules. Including found objects for instance.

Outdoors materials test (types of varnish) that I hung outside in December, planning to see how long they last before deteriorating. So far so good, although one of them is a little soft in the head.