Will there be yarny things happening still on this blog? I hope so. Just need to find the magic formula for keeping my fleshmobile up and running at a steady pace.

I have:

3 batches of blended wool for a sock experiment of breeds vs. durability. To be spun. If only I could remember what I put in those batts! (I just checked and I can only find 2 batches now) Jeez Louise. I think maybe I used scraps of Lincoln, silk and rainbow nylon as reinforcement fibers, but the main portion? And which is which? Could be that random chunk of SW Cheviot I found in my stash and dyed? When I do a thing I’m always convinced I’ll remember without having to take notes. Maybe I would if I weren’t curious about so.many.things.

It’s hardly a research project if I don’t keep track of my facts. I know several people have investigated this, but I find it more rewarding to do my own explorations than just repeating something, so I’ll persist however many years it takes.

The locals say that Shropshire is the way to go for non-felting wool en lieu of superwash, so at some point I’ll try to get me some of that. I’ve also thought about felting the yarn before knitting, just for a lark. Anyone ever do that? Does the knitted item then NOT felt as much? Or is the process indefinite until you’ve produced a brick…

On the loom is something that was meant to be “curtains” in the new gazebo we built in the garden last summer. Possibly set too loose and, well, it’s actually too windy out there for drapes. Which is why they are meant to have holes, but still should hold back some direct sunlight. I have to admit that I love the design part more than the shuttle part of weaving. BUT, even if it’s 30 meters, really, I could easily weave 1 m. a day and be done in a month. I tend to forget, though. (and also I broke a toe slightly beginning of December, so I’ve been waiting on that).

It’s all random skeins of thrift shop yarn, major stash busting event in fact. Weft from recycled jeans. (not by me)

I’m not sure what my weaving practice will be going forward, it seems impossible to juggle the paint and the textiles at the same time. But I guess we’ll see.

Various knitted projects that have been sitting much too long untended to. These are becoming a necessity as lack of the ability to walk/jog + menopause = no, I did not get back to my former slim self (yet). So I have very few sweaters for this cold house that I can actually get into and still be comfortable. I even had to GASP buy! a couple. (but they’re not very good)

I guess I should find a time slot each day and just get to work bit by bit. Problem being, I have a LIST of things that want such a time slot, I could fill the day with them. And I just don’t work well like that unless it’s per feelitude, my slots need to be a lot longer to get some serious work done. In the evenings I just forget to pick it up, why is that?

It may seem odd to begin this new blogging scheme by telling you all the things I haven’t done, but I’m just trying to catch up. Maybe my brain is reading over my shoulder and taking the hint.

Yes, I personally cut and hammered down every single one of those roof shingles. Great view up there!

I’ve been watching Sarah Swett make coffee filter yarn and thought it was cool. I don’t have room in the kitchen for a coffee machine, and some days I only drink one cup anyway, so I’m on instant. I’ve thought about saving my coloured filter from pigment making, but I think I’ve also thrown a bunch out when decluttering, so I never have enough when the idea comes round again! I guess I’ll have to make some pigments so I can get some used coffee filters? Because I actually have a project this year where paper yarn would be PERFECT. I could of course dye them for the purpose. Anyone else try it, and if so, what did you use it for?