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It’s been 2 years since I began working and reporting on this. By early summer last year I was getting quite a bit stronger, and although I wasn’t losing any additional weight, I got perhaps a little too enthusiastic
and had to take a long break because of pains in my pelvic area. This seemed to be resolved as the new year approached, but only a couple of weeks into a gentler program, it’s now back! Taking it ultraslow while losing my new resting pulse of 70 (instead of 100) is actually quite stressful, I just want to get back in the game. Like, now, pls. I never did manage to finish the last room renovation either.

So in a way it’s convenient that weather sucks so badly this time of year, I’m not as tempted to try to go jogging and wreck myself. And I’ve been advised to stay off the elliptical since the movements may be all wrong for me.

Status in other words is, I still “need” to lose 10 kilos and I’m trying to get back into the strength training habit. No machines, just myself, a mat and perhaps some tiny dumbbells. I have some yoga links I’m aiming at trying and I joined an online group where you get new exercises every week, starting very slow and building up over a year, not aiming at fitness but rather pain free movement.

Stretching before crafting – source unknown