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I’m guessing from the usual underwhelming number of poll participants that my readers A: don’t enjoy surveys and B: I still need to find a different way of financing my interests. Duly noted! 😁 😂 🙄

So to follow the path of least resistance I should probably turn myself in another direction… or let’s face it, that path could turn out to be even harder once I’m on it or the very least drearier, greyer and more soul sucking than the stuff my brain cooks up in the studio. My mum is certain that if only I’d had a couple of kids I would have matured properly instead of focusing so much on happiness! (I certainly would have been too tired to, seeing as I didn’t have much luck meeting dad-talented* partners in my 20’s, so I would have been hustling for survival, not the meaning of life)

* the word I want eludes me at the moment


This week my curiosity led me to confirm that elderberries do not contain actual pigment to be extracted (within reasonable means anyway). What else produces the deep, brilliant red is beyond me, I fall asleep instantly if I try to read about actual chemistry and molecule compositions. So I know for certain that is not my destiny either; despite the periodic table appearing frequently in crosswords I cannot for the life of me remember more than 2-3 elements at a time. And I have to think a moment on those, oxygen being the only one that comes natural, which kinda makes sense from an esoteric perspective, right?

Anyway, I actually just wanted to share these memes.