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Didn’t get ready today to show you a full version of my pigment experiment as planned, as I’ve had other things to attend to. So I thought I’d show you my latest finding, a book press which I thought could help me get water out of new paper sheets, rather than stacking cinderblocks on the floor. One way of tackling multiple projects could be doing so as efficiently as possible!

Before (from the ad) and after photos:

I’m hoping I can keep new rust off without having to paint, but we’ll see what happens in winter. I can’t work with this in my studio, too much water involved, and really, no space, as it’s too heavy for me to lift. So I’ll be using a horse box which has drains in the floor.

Some of you may remember my little cheap, plastic greenhouse which collapsed multiple times in between being rebuilt in different incarnations. It so happens the parts have yet again found new purpose to prevent my entire floor being covered in wet coffee filters for weeks on end – just close the lid and put it away wherever:

I don’t hoard stuff for no good purpose, but with so much storage space I do resent throwing away everything in the name of minimalism, only to buy it again later. Quite often I dig into a stack of boards or extra table legs* and find just what I need to build something – such as one piece of old laminated counter top from the kitchen which will now be perfect for the book press to sit on. So my workspaces aren’t shiny and instagram worthy, but at least I’m not sitting around waiting for such a place to happen to me before I start doing things.

*Ok, so we don’t actually have a stack of spare table legs, but I could have used a set for putting under the book press!