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A couple of kind souls reached out to me after my last post to assure me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my looks or my age, when I said that I don’t do selfies. And it’s so nice to receive this kind of support!

But confidence isn’t the reason actually.

While it’s true that I consider myself inconspicuous at best, it’s not a major concern for me apart from getting used to the recent extra baggage. The reason I don’t do selfies is that I think it’s an utterly silly trend, and I have nothing, zero, that I want to say or present in that manner. (apart from hats, which worked just nicely from the back, yeah?) Call me contrary, it wouldn’t be the first time. I just refuse to play AT ALL. Because.

I also value my privacy. There are 600ish followers on this blog I think, but who knows, one day there might be 60.000?!!! 😁 Maybe I should have a backup plan for a huge wig like Sia, or excessive photo makeup (that might be a hoot since I never learned how to apply it) so that I can frequent my local supermarket without being followed around by mad farm boys.

It’s been almost a decade since anyone actually asked to take my picture, but there are at least 3 stray ones of me in here, so if someone is really intent they can go fish.

I other words I don’t actually care overly much about being pretty, because smart as a whip is so much more fulfilling.

And now I had an idea that it might be fun to do a series of Picassoed self portraits, photos cut up and put back together in weird colours. Just because. Or maybe I’ll just do it to the cats.