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Official start date: December 2016. Goal: to battle fatigue and pains, dial body shape back 5 years. That’s minus 25% body weight and/or measurements whichever comes first.

6 months later I had hoped to report being halfway, but: 7 kg lost, 1 trouser size. That’s roughly 10%. 9-10 kg/15% to go and 8 cm around the hip for my 2013 form. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, it’s not like I’m trying to turn the clock back 30 years. (I weighed just 42 kg when I was 20, hard to believe now!)

Still mostly doing the 5-2 diet, 1500/400 kalories, “party” on weekends. I guess you could call it a 2-3-2 diet, but it’s become more fluid and flexible over time, less actual fasting, more tiny meals instead.

Visual highlight of the month: fat rolls overhanging knees and elbows are (nearly) gone!

Exercise has been slowly stepped up and that means I do have some capability to build muscle after all, huge surprise. I have the same pains and same fatigue as before but I feel more agile, so I’ll just keep trundling on with my current program. Left knee is shot, I can’t do anything that puts weight on the knee cap for even a second, ice packs frequently happen to let me sleep after a crosstrainer day. Still working on rotator cuffs and back. My left leg falls asleep (the one with the pinched sciatic nerve from slipped disc) when I sit in a certain way, I have no idea why, since it was supposed to have healed, but whatever. As long as I can climb my studio ladders.

And now I think I’ll spare you any further updates until I actually meet my goals, as it’s becoming much the samesame every time. 😉

* Party usually means I can have cake.