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“Hello, my name is Pia and I like to make weird things.”

I had completely forgotten this experiment that I did after the “dishtowel shawl“. But I guess it makes an excellent filler post while I’m busy with the 21 day painting challenge.

I’d read about making seersucker or ruffles with two warp beams without needing to use elastic yarns, so I went ahead and investigated that. It took me 2/3 of a scarf’s worth of length before it occurred to me to leave the tension off the ruffle part completely, giving me the result I was after. I’d also read a bit much into the part where she wrote to beat well for stable cloth. Yeah, but maybe not as much as leaving the straight bit able to stand on their own? Certainly not scarf material. Perhaps as part of a cushion cover?

Second part of the same experiment was testing whether cotton would give an iriscedent effect, and I must have suspected I’d botch the seersucker because I chose my least favourite yarn colours. I’m on the fence about the effect.

In the end I had some purple warp left, since that was longer to accomodate the ruffles, and rethreaded for a test run of another draft I’d reengineered from a fabric photo. I may try again with a bigger yarn, perhaps wool, I wasn’t super thrilled. Other colours maybe? Sett could be off. Lots of things to consider. I’m pretty miffed to have figured out the draft, though.