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Another two months since my last exercise update. G started work again in Feb. so until the evening light came back on courtesy of daylight savings, our brisk walks were reduced to weekends or not at all because of sucky weather. I simply don’t get up enough steam when walking alone, a long legged companion is just the thing for keeping your pace! So crosstraining it is, which of course isn’t as time consuming or needs to be coordinated, so I get more studio projects done finally. Sometimes. I did imagine I’d feel more improvement on the energy front by now, find that second wind.

There were incidents of weeks with headaches and weird pains with no training at all, but I’ve managed to not slide back to zero, so it’s still more steps forward than back. I can do the plank for a whole friggin minute! Laugh if you like, I totally don’t care.

Weight is down by 5 kg (in 4 months), 10-12 to go despite all my efforts, so it’ll be a while and I’m still designing my new summer clothes to work for either shape, since I’ve got plenty of near new outfits in the back of my closet fitting my old slimmer self. I’ve never been overweight before and I’m willing to eat child portions for the rest of my life in exchange for increased mobility. I want to find out if I can feel healthy again.

So in this game, anything that is not a gain, is a win.

I’ve also taken some time trying to strengthen my arms and shoulders on the days when I’m not working on stamina. Gawd it’s all so boring, every single second! But I want the results badly enough… There’s absolutely no dopamine reward happening here, so I’m running this programme on pure logic. I want to be able to go on walking photo safaris or even just brush my horse without withering from exhaustion 10 minutes in. Do a bit of gardening. You know, stuff that isn’t sitting.

There is some improvement regarding the habit in itself however, I no longer make excuses to postpone my planned training sessions unless my knees are screaming. I’m also not more tired than I used to be, so I’ve decided that’s progress too, enough to keep working on it.

Recently somebody asked me if I’d remembered to count beverages into my daily calories.

My drinks of choice are tap water, tea, coffee. Maximum amount of sugar in that is 20 daily calories but often less. I don’t drink soda, fruit juice maybe a liter a month, white wine in small amounts maybe 2-3 times a year. No chocolate milk or similar. So I don’t think that constitutes a drinking problem…  😉