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Since I’ve been playing at making a small, selfhosted fiber blog in Danish (and then not done much in the way of yarn activities to write there), I seem to have gotten into a frenzy. While I haven’t been able to find the perfect template for anything on closer inspection, I’ve decided on an experiment where I separate photo galleries and paintings into two separate blogs – while business continues here at Colour Cottage quite as usual.

That way I can chatter about apertures and DOF or every little agony I go through to develop a new painterly style, without scaring away the fiberistas I hope. It gives me an opportunity to experiment with looks and navigation structure (as well as my inner work structure) without ruining the experience for my readers, but you’re of course more than welcome to visit all of my new outbuildings if you’re specifically interested in either of those two topics. :)I know I’ve threatened to play more with Photoshop, I hope this is the winter it actually happens!

There will be automatic updates in the side menu, although I still haven’t decided whether to actually do the photoblog or keep instagramming instead. Does anyone here use Instagram, besides the ones I already follow?

I actually have two additional blogs, but since they’ve been dormant for years we won’t get into that just now… just don’t tell me I lack aspiration! I even started a private (as in hidden) blog to type in all my project ideas instead of random notebooks and stray papers. All neatly organized into subjects, menus and whatnot, ready for the picking. And rearrangable without tearing pages, striking out and cluttering. That way I can attach inspirational images specifically related to that project rather than huge separate folders with various pictures, the thoughts which accompanied them forgotten (Microsoft I dare you to make keywords, virtual copies, and notes a part of your next Explorer). So I’m hoping I might even get around to using some of my material and ideas. Whether that helps slow down the flow of new ideas remains to be seen… (I also need to keep my brain occupied as the uncertainty of my increased pains and our financial situation is beginning to play tricks with my mindset when it’s running on idle, and I do not want to enter anxiety land once more)


Do any of you use the blog format for other purposes than blogging? I once (briefly) worked with Lotus Notes databases, they are pretty amazing for structure and document sorting, but also take some time to program and I stopped at version 4.5, I think it’s something like 15 now. (ok I asked the resident geek who is still semi involved, it’s 9.01)

For instance I always had the ambition to make a cookery database, sortable into meal types, ingredients, seasons, anything you need. But programming itself is not really one of my core talents, neither is the typing in of a gazillion data unless somebody paid me, so my cookery database is still a drawer with a huge mess of papers that I never look at, because while I never have any complaints, food isn’t one of my core skills either! I mean, I want to eat well, I just don’t want to exhaust my creativity on it by making it a study subject. Because, you know, yarn and pictures.


There’s one downside to blogging a lot, which I’ll have to watch: you don’t submerge yourself in a topic or technique for months, then surface to report on it, with carefully selected samples of your work. You get an idea for a (many) subject(s) and want to finish that post within the week, making just a couple of doodles aimed specifically at illustrating your article. It makes everything more scattered and hurried, which is ridiculous. I can see how blogging in itself could be a full time job! (except it would have to be about fashion to attract money, I think. Not happening.) So I think we’ll experience that my usual mode of fits and starts will keep applying here.

Of course rigging a computer in the stoodio would help, so I could jot down notes instead of climbing back down here and perhaps overstaying because I’m a little tired or cold or simply end up procrastinating under a cat.