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The theme I’ve been using on this blog since it began is quite an old one in www standards, I think it looks ok on all screens, but some themes have notes about no longer being updated, so I regularly ponder the option of installing a new one. As well as getting a fresh look in the bargain of course.

The reason I haven’t is that none of them feature all the options for side menus and page setup that this one has, so if I end up with one that I don’t like it’s going to be such a drag to roll back.

Essentially I want to simplify the look a bit without losing navigation choices and widgets. Perhaps my years of designing my own websites makes me picky, but I no longer have the oomph to keep up with programming standards when CMS has become so advanced.

What I’d like to know is, how many of you read blogs on which platforms.
Wordpress doesn’t give that information in the individual stats, and I’m not interested in generic numbers.

The menus and widgets I so painstakingly create for my own amusement don’t actually show up on portable devices, but as a diehard 24″ graphics monitor geek I persist. I’m not going to roll over and limit my own reading experience to handheld sizes (not to mention the whole photoshopping issue on 7″). I don’t even have internet on my phone, I barely know where it is most of the time – I simply don’t feel a need for it.

So I was hoping you’d be so kind as to take part in my poll. Even if you are an occasional reader who never comments or press Like, I want to know the preferences of my particular current readers, not everybody elses. 🙂

PLEASE and Thank you!!