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Some couriers are like clockwork – others apparently have a few cogs in their gears. Like a time quote of 2 days in reality being 11, and not just because of Easter since pickup alone took 5…

Anyhow, I now have my rug roving and dyeing can commence. I haven’t decided on a pattern, once my options are limitless I become paralyzed it seems. But I do have a vague colour scheme, so I’m going to weigh out the amount, see what it looks like on the other side and take it from there.

For large amounts I have this little helper from our house in a Swedish forest:


I don’t have any counterweights for the small tray, I’d love to play with that.

I had wound a 1440 thread warp of very very thin cotton (30/2) to tide me over while I waited, but since the sett is to be fairly close I decided I should do just a tiny sample first in tabby to see A. what plainweave fabric is like in this yarn, B. if the yarn is too thin to divide on only 4 shafts, and C. how well pattern threads show up without looking in a microscope. (the strip is just under 9 cm wide – 18 threads per cm)

Turns out everything is fine and dandy and I’ll be able to use this strip for a specific purpose even. But more about that another day.