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I’m far enough into my moving process that I could actually relax and get started on some projects; still bits and pieces to sort onto the right shelves, the big loom and all its reeds and sticks are still in the house waiting for weft, a few things to be wiped for dust, then moved from the hayloft into my hopefully cleaner storage balconies.


But I’m on the fence about it. Not just because of the mindshift that you need, to go from a very practical longterm task to a creative flow, but because I can too easily see myself never getting back into gear for the final haul (which also involves tidying the stable below my studio and stuffing some of my horse gear into boxes to go under the roof along the outside of my studio walls. This space is called a “skunk” in Danish, and has nothing to do with either drugs or smelly animals, but those have prevented me from finding a suitable translation for the term)


So I’ve kept chugging along with the work although it seems silly now that the room is functional albeit a little cold. It would be so easy to just take half an hour a day to do chores, then break for a painting session and after a little while you’d be done. Logical, right? But also requires a lot more discipline, because when I shift, I shift.

Which method would you choose?


Still waiting for a delayed shipment of cheap wool for my rug, so I dyed a warp for that yoga mat I mentioned. I need something softer (thicker) than the usual kind on that uneven concrete floor, for doing my stretches etc.

And a tiny little test weave in preparation for a bigger one is happening too.