Moving is not just the process of carrying things from one place to the other, I’d forgotten about that, since this is the house I’ve lived in the longest, ever. Sorting, putting onto shelves, planning, carrying things back down again because you need them right now. So it’ll be a little while or longer before I can show you the finished project…

Well, I knew I had a lot of stuff. I also knew I’d managed to cram it all into a very small space (ok, a lot of small spaces, but still). So I was convinced that even if I’d originally wished for another 10 m2 I’d be able to swim up there! But the number of things that need to occupy floor space in the studio, not shelves, nor stand in the way of the others, simply baffles me. I need to be able to open the windows as well as step back to look at what I’m making.

Floor to ceiling shelves would have cut down the floor space needed for said shelves, obviously, but I’m beginning to think I need to divide this mess into two rooms to get more wall to line things up against. Hoist them into the ceiling. I wonder if my spool rack fits under the loom bench. And what about books? I’d planned to keep my craft books up there, but that may have to change. I keep finding more things that I want to use up there.

And now I have to go weave a rug on the big loom, to put under the big loom to prevent my shuttles from cracking when I drop them on the concrete floor. Then I can move the big loom, and that will probably help me see how much space I have for everything else. I think this Sunday needs cake.

Feeling just as exhausted as usual here at the cottage. 😉