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Another month gone by, and no, I haven’t been very busy. At the moment I can’t even weave although I have projects started on both looms and more warps waiting. It’s driving me batty! But using my left leg aggravates my “whateverthehellisgoingonwithmybuttock”. So I do stretches, self-massages and some of that sitting down finishing work that I’m usually too lazy to get done.

The only weaving I’ve done since July have been a couple of samples/studies/what ifs. First I’ll show you a shawl or short scarf that I made from a skein of handspun which I never really could come to terms with. Yellow isn’t my favourite colour in garments, so I’ve been giving this the hairy eyeball for years. It’s a challenge in itself to use small amounts of yarn that doesn’t match anything! It was spun as one long gradient from orange to yellow, so in fact perfect for a colour change like this.

To stretch it a bit I warped using the so called cram and space method, varying the density along the fabric. The weft is a silk noil single which I dyed for the occasion after trying out various colours. I did a thick n thin version of fringe twisting too and to keep it completely rustic I varied the lengths.

Now I just have to find someone who’d like to wear it!   Buy Now Button