There are tasks to be done. Lawn to mow, firewood to be carted into the woodshed. Not mine this year, but leaving me with no extra muscle to enlist. House to be cleaned, mine, if not by actual duty, then common sense, but I keep making up other things to postpone it… Gardening, definitely mine, since I’m the one who cares.

And all I can think of is working on my new room, getting it done, moving in, all the things I’m planning to do up there. I renovate a little old window in baby steps. I sweep the floor where a support beam needs to go in next, to help level the others. Draw some pencil lines as guides for a task 4-5 ways down the list. A list all in my head, I’ve got it all planned out. Because I just love building things, I can’t help myself.

In between I sit down to rest a lot, here or with my library stack. But hardly any cleaning, yet, apart from the laundry. And I daydream and get all excited, then have to put a lid on it, because, well, other people have their things to do and I must simply wait until the proper time. Without becoming all hectic of speach and manners, leaving everybody in my wake puzzled and probably quite put off.

So how is it, with a million tasks to be done, big or small, that one of them can absorb you to a point where you simply don’t want to do anything else? It’s not logical. I guess I’m not Vulcan, I’m a tiny doggie on a chain, constantly forgetting what a bad idea it is to run into the road and chase the lorries.

Tonight when the upstairs is empty, I’ll definitely give it a once-over. (After I’ve put the glass back in that window and tried my hand at applying putty)

Looks like my energy levels may be going up, I’ve even been listening to music today, a rare thing, but it was a good boost. I asked my otherwise very nice PT if I could begin building again now that my back is sorted, but he said he’d been thinking more along the lines of doing a bit of watercolour painting. And btw they were going to offer a senior fitness group. WTF?! Is that a way of saying my hair is overdue for a dye job?

After some thought I’ve decided he meant it as a provocation, so I’ve also done this today (not that he’ll ever know, or care):