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Ready for electrician to distribute wires in the 3 new wall skeletons, then we can begin putting up insulation and plaster boards up to where the windows go in.

= no more hay dust or risk of cat pee (not my cats, the occasional stray) in this section of the loft when that and the top triangle wall are done. Plenty of saw dust everywhere however, so I won’t be able to move in with my stuff until the 4th wall has a skeleton too, at the earliest.

We’re lucky we get to use a good saw for all the angles that need to be cut, it’s so fast and precise (and well, messy)! Everything up there is crooked, floor, timber, not two pieces are the same length if we want at least some pretence of my “box” being level.


New straw from our neighbour will arrive on Saturday, then we’ll be able to stack things down that end to declutter the workspace. I can’t work more than a few hours a day, but I’m confident we’ll be getting there eventually. Fatigue is setting in now, mentally as well, as I found myself fretting over the fact that when we’re done, I still won’t be done, all the holes and gaps in the plasterboards to fill in and sand and then paint or whatever. But since it coincides with my regular monthly collapse I’ve decided not to worry that I’m beginning to worry. It’ll pass.

Little else in the way of creativity is happening, today I’ll be giving the ponies a bath if it’s the only thing I do.

Took a photo of the one (1!) orange cosmos that made it this year.