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This morning appeared through our cat flaps (2 doors) what we thought was a once tame ferret, beautiful chocolate colour, curious, interested in cat toys and within 10 minutes investigating all of the kitchen, my bare feet, trouser leg (eeek), then proceeded to bite my finger when I attempted contact. Clearly used to people, size matched.

Well, turns out it was probably a little mink, sadly. By the time I was certain, having tried police and local FB page for wanted ads as well as pet protection society, someone from the wildlife department had already been dispatched to pick it up. So after spending 4-5 hours in our cat carrier, I think it will simply be taken to be destroyed, as they do not belong in the pet shelter. Great that I don’t have to drive two hours to take it there, but I feel guilty now and wish I’d just gone for a ride to a nearby forest. (and I know, it would soon have been somebody elses problem if it can navigate cat flaps!)

Being a mink really sucks, doesn’t it? Cages, death…

The weekend doctor didn’t think we have rabies on this island, so all I may need is antibiotics for those deep puncture wounds. I had to shake the little bugger off! 😀


No photos from before we put him/her in the cage, just a cell phone shot to get help with identification. It was such an unusual situation at 7 in the morning I didn’t think everything through properly before reacting, I just needed to solve the problem of having a semi wild predator in my house with 4 cats. It just didn’t smell good enough to lock up in the bedroom!